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It’s Gettin’ Kinda Steamy In Here

As you might suspect, I do all of the cooking when I’m home. And I don’t mind taking on this stereotypically women’s task – I love, love, love to cook. Obviously.

Sometimes, though, Mike has to cook for himself. Which he does with success, I’d say.

So, remember the pork chops from the other night? Remember the photo of the steam rising deliciously from them? Here, I’ll remind you:


I was bragging to Mike about this exact photo. I hadn’t realized I’d caught the steam until I reviewed the pics on my camera.

So I told you that to show you this:

Sunday night I got this text from him randomly:



Sometimes he really can be funny.  Haha!


Best Gluten Free Brownie Mix Ever

We just found this!

Betty Crocker finally got it just right…this mix is delicious!

One tip: add a whole stick of butter instead of the half it calls for.  It makes them DELICIOUS.  Don’t think about it, just do it.

Put ice cream on top of one of these right out of the oven.  Wow.

Yay for gluten free brownie mix that doesn’t taste gluten free or cost a fortune!


gluten free brownie topped with a scoop of neapolitan ice cream

You’re welcome.